We want you! (on video)

So, we fully get that Solskogen just won’t be the same online as it was irl – but we’re making it our mission statement to at least bring as much of that ambience as we possibly can to our online experience. At least for this writer, what made Solskogen special was the people. All those smiles, all those “hey! So good to see you!” and all that creative buzz.

So, we want that. This is our call for everyone who was ever at Solskogen and had a good time – or even never made it, and lived to regret that decision – to send us some video about what Solskogen was for you. Whether it’s a five second “hey! we’re superscener of thatgroup, and we’re SO sorry we can’t hug y’all this year”, something more ambitious, or even just a voice memo, a picture or some text – we would like a lot of that. We’ll take all those snippets and things and sprinkle them throughout our broadcast – some icing on the democake, if you will.

Make your thing and drop it here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/61UjPPazwFoGxyuBH3j6

Looking forward to seeing you.

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