Party Post-Mortem

It felt apt to call this post-party report a “post mortem”, since as Evilbot all taught us, after a demoparty of some magnitude you should feel somewhat Dead Inside. Or, as Gargaj says: “Post-party depression”. Solskogen 2017 was — if we are honest — probably our best year so far. We were very close to busting our all-time high with regards to visitors, which of course meant it was tad irritating that our original credit card reader plan malfunctioned. Thankfully, Vipps now exists and we had a plan b up in not too long time for those that did not prepay and did not bring cash. We made quite a number of adjustments this year, some of which were very successful and some that we will continue tweaking. We learned a lot, and have been busy taking notes and throwing ideas around in various communication channels both during and after the party. Rest assured, we have no plans to step down anything for 2018. We’ll keep pivoting, to make sure everything goes even smoother in 2018.

We mentioned there were some changes this year – we basically turned friday into one-on-one live battle night, with competitors going head to head in graphics, shader coding and – for some select reasons – a particularly memorable live music competition. We were honoured to have a first-time visitor take the top spot in the “speedpaint world cup” as we called it, showing once and for all that the demoscene is perhaps not dead or without recruitment of new talent just yet. The “regular” competitions on saturday further proved that, with Ninjadev snatching first place in the demo competition ahead of last years’ winners, Cocoon.

Just after the party, we sneakily launched our own Youtube channel, where we’ve uploaded captures of all the events of the party, including dj sets, basketball compos, and naturally the prizegiving. We are particularly proud of some of the things we pulled off with video to outside viewers this year, and we hope that a lot of people are watching those videos and making notes in their calendars for next july to come and experience the event for themselves.

We also tweaked some physical things this year, that visitors surely noted. We had a stage up front, that we used for live things, for one! And just next to those, we’d found room for more seats for our visitors. We re-engineered our floor plan somewhat this year, and we think it actually worked out very well. Further, we totally one-upped the outside area! We basically took half of it for a large tent that dj’s played in, as well as for other outdoor activities – like the aforementioned basket court. While there were some hiccups with the roofing and sides of the tent, we learned a lot about how we can prepare that better, and we already have a bunch of ideas for this area for next year.

So, with that we are going to leave you with some links to various coverage of Solskogen 2017, though be sure to read up on the section below the links.

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Also check out our other social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for additional coverage!

We’d like to extend special thanks to Nerdine (who stepped up when another organizer had to cancel at the last minute, and made sure we got all our food (and waffles) prepared in time), and to Randy and his Insane teammates for providing oldskool support during the compos. We could not have done it without any of you, and we are so privileged to have talented and passionate members of our community who are willing to drop everything and help out.

We’d like to end with warm regards to Maugli, who was all set to join us in the organizing team this year, but got sidetracked in the most wonderful way when the birth of his second child came earlier than expected. :)

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