Less than a week to go!

Are you excited? ARE YOU EXCITED!? If you’re even half as pumped about coming to Solskogen as we are to welcome you, then you are very very pumped.

With less than a week to go, it’s an excellent time for us to remind you of a few things for this years’ edition.

  • Arrival: Even if we officially open on Friday, it’s traditionally been allowed for visitors to arrive on Thursday. If you do so, please be advised that you will be allowed access to the sleeping quarters downstairs and the toilet facilities, but probably not the hall while we are in buildup mode.
  • Parking: If you read our previous blog post about the new outside area configuration, you’ll also know there will be less places for parking next to the main hall. There’s, however, plenty of spots to park next to the nearby shopping facilities, a few minutes walk away.
  • Tickets: We accept cash and credit cards for buying your ticket onsite. However, if you know you’re coming, why not just get it now?
  • Food: The deadline for ordering food is this WEDNESDAY – so head on over here and grab your meal and other tickets naaaow!

Any other questions or concerns, join our Slack team and ask away there for instant answers!

Did we mention we are pretty stoked to see you all? Not long now!

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