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Treating oldschool right

After completely redesigning our A/V chain last year, this year will be one of improvement and refinement. We're adding more integrated overlay graphics, comfort outputs for operators, and perhaps most importantly, upgrading our handling of oldschool signals. This is a post about the latter, so strap in for some hardcore ... More


This year, we are taking the already well-known concept of live coding into new and exciting territories with the addition of live graphics and live music (!) compos. Speedpaint World Cup In Speedpaint World Cup compo we pin artists against each other in intense 10-minute matches where they produce an image based on a ... More

The Solskogen chess tournament returns!

Welcome to Solskogen's chess column! Today we are analyzing a little gem of a game; it's the second game of the 2016 Solskogen Organizers versus The World (aka all the participants). After a spectacular eight-move defeat as black, the world team would now seek revenge as white. And what a great game it was! FLASHBACK TIME! 1. ... More

High-quality A/V on a budget

Invariably the highlight of almost any demoparty is the compo showings, and in order to keep the attention on the compos themselves, the A/V chain delivering them to the viewers (whether they be at the party or at home, watching the stream) should be as unobtrusive as possible. Sesse from the Solskogen crew is going to walk ... More