Practical things

There are a few simple things you should know before the party begins.

Time and place

Solskogen 2018 happens from Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of July. The party place is called Flateby Samfunnshus — a former cinema and event space, surrounded by a thick forest — and is located in Flateby, about 35 minutes outside of Oslo, the capital of Norway.


You can get your tickets, official t-shirt and more here right now!

Early arrivals (Thursday)

Participants traveling from a long way off have asked if they can arrive on Thursday instead of opening day which is Friday, and yes — we allow this. However: no service will be offered on Thursday since the party doesn’t officially start until Friday. This means that you should be self-sufficient in terms of food and such.

The toilets will be open when there are members of the organizing team present at the venue. The crew typically comes and goes on the day before the party begins, so you cannot expect any assistance or service on this day. That said: a few crew members typically spend the night at the venue from Thursday to Friday.

House rules

To ensure a fun and welcoming party for everyone, we expect our visitors to behave like normal adult people. If we find you to be ruining the party experience for other people we might impose punishment anywhere in the range from a polite reprimand to evicting you from the party. In order to make things crystal clear, here are the rules we expect people to follow:

  • No violence. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any violent behavior!
  • No harassment. Solskogen is for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices.
  • No illegal drugs. Pretty self-explanatory! Don’t break the law.

It’s entirely up to the organizer to define what constitutes harassment, violence or any other breach of our rules. There will be no “discussion” about our decisions if we chose to throw you out. If someone or something disrupts your cozy summer mood, please find an organizer and let us know. We want everyone to have a good time.

We have a very good relationship with the people who rent us the venue, but given that it is located in semi-close proximity to a residential area, here are some rules regarding our location specifically:

  • No noise outside after 02:00. Seriously — this is important!
  • No smoking inside the venue or close to the fire detectors, for obvious reasons
  • Keep the party place clean – use the waste bins both inside and outside the venue

Compos and voting

Everyone entering the compos are expected to obey the rules and the schedule. Our compo crew are the best in the business and will be rude to you if you don’t comply. You have been warned.

All compo entry and voting is done in the on-site compo and voting-system. To access this system you’ll use a votekey issued to you when you arrive and register at the door. There will be wireless internet access at the party!


There is a separate sleeping hall inside the venue, and there is plenty of space in the forest and surrounding area for tents. Note: you are not allowed to sleep at or under tables in the main hall due to fire security and evacuation procedures. There are also many hotels in Lillestrøm, a city 20 minutes from the party place, as well as several Airbnb opportunities closer by. But: most people sleep in tents — it’s part(y) of the Solskogen experience!

Showers and toilets

Separate showers for men and women will be open to participants during the day at a separate venue (1 km away, walking distance) which we have rented for the duration of the event. The showers will also be open after the street basket tournament. Toilets are available at the venue (basement level).

Shopping & conveniences

There are several shops and stores just 150 m from the venue (including a grocery store, a pizza place and a pub). Keep in mind that they close early on Saturday and are closed on Sunday. In addition there is a 24h gas within walking distance.

Keeping your food cold

A shared refrigerator will be available at the venue, which is accessible for everyone. Priority will be given to food items (so don’t try to stuff massive amounts of soft drinks into it — it will only be taken out). We also have a walk-in cooler but this is reserved for the organizing team and necessary items only. This walk-in cooler is not accessible by participants, and items must be placed here and fetched by the crew.