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About Solskogen

Solskogen is one of the biggest demoscene events in Scandinavia. Started in 2002 when a couple of idealistic youngsters (cough!) decided that they had had enough of large, corporate events that no longer focused on the creative and social aspects of demo parties.

At Solskogen, we like to move away from the inner city. That is why we’ve always held the event somewhere with fresh air and trees nearby. You can sleep in tents or in the dedicated sleeping hall inside. But most visitors sleep in tents — it’s part of the experience!

We’ve always been proud of our free BBQ feast on Saturday during the party, before the compo-night begins. It’s been a party feature since our first event in 2002 and this year is no different!

In the evenings there are compos — really awesome compos! Battle it out with your friends and foes in everything from graphics, music, demos, size-coding and more. At Solskogen we even have a special focus on the live aspect of creative competitions.

At the end of the day, it’s about being with your friends old and new. Talking, laughing and enjoying yourself. We have visitors from all around the world, and you should not be afraid of arriving without knowing anyone, as at the end of the event its not unlikely you’ve made friends for life.

That is why we make Solskogen happen every year, and why we hope to see you this July!


Getting There

Solskogen is held at Flateby Samfunnshus, in Flateby, approximately 35 minutes drive from Oslo. The adress is Borgengrenda 1, 1911 Flateby.

  • Getting there by Car
    Use this Google Maps-link to get travel directions. Approximate driving time from Oslo Central Station is approximately 35 minutes, door-to-door.
  • Getting there by Train/Bus
    Use Ruter.no to plan your train travel. Use “Oslo Sentralstasjon [tog]” as your destination. Once you arrive in at Oslo Central Station you’ll need to change to a bus. Walk the short distance to Oslo Bus Terminal and take the 350 bus (towards Enebakk) to Flateby. The bus-stop (called Bakken) at Flateby is just 100 m from the venue, Flateby Samfunnshus.
  • Getting there by Plane
    You have three airport options – Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL), Moss Airport Rygge (RYG) and Torp Airport (TRF). Gardermoen is the closest, but flights to Rygge appears to be cheaper, depending on where you’re flying in from. The same goes for Torp, but this airport isn’t really close to anything, so we don’t recommend it. However, if it’s your only option for flying in to Oslo then it’s doable, but prepare to spend some extra time on public transport. For current prices, please check Trafikanten.no

    If you arrive at Gardermoen: You have two main options: go to Oslo or to Lillestrøm. The fastest and easiest is to take the L12 train (towards Kongsberg) from Gardermoen to Lillestrøm, and then take the 550 bus (towards Enebakk) to Flateby. The bus-stop is called Bakken and it’s just 100 m from the venue, Flateby Samfunnshus.

    If you arrive at Rygge: Take the bus Rygge-Expressen or a regular bus to Oslo, then change to the 550 bus (towards Enebakk) either at Oslo Bus Terminal (the easiest if you don’t know Oslo very well, but can mean you’ll have to wait a bit) or at the stop called “Ryen T”. If you ask the bus driver, he will help you, and you can get a direct ticket for the journey. Your destination is Flateby, and the bus stop (called Bakken) is just 100 m from the venue, Flateby Samfunnshus.

    If you go to Torp: Take the Torp Ekspressen airport bus to Oslo Central Station (“Oslo Sentralstasjon”), then walk the short distance to Oslo Bus Terminal and take the 550 bus (towards Enebakk) to Flateby. The bus-stop (called Bakken) at Flateby is just 100 m from the venue, Flateby Samfunnshus.

  • Ferris“Excellent party, excellent people, cheap flights — why not come?” - T-101
  • Ferris“I always go to Solskogen! The BBQ, the people, the ambiance.. The live-coding compo is hella rad! - Ferris / Logicoma
  • Slummy“Solskogen is the summertime demoparty for me. I’ve been going since 2002 and it just keeps getting better!” - Slummy / Spaceballs
  • Xerxes“Unless you’re busy giving birth to new sceners, Solskogen is the place to be in the summer! Flawless organizing, top notch releases and friendly people.” - Xerxes
  • Bob“Solskogen is a flourishing flower of young, beautiful Norwegian innocence just waiting to have its life BRUTALLY DEVASTATED BY BASS! - Bob / Maskinpop
  • Sir Garbagetruck“I already have plans for Solskogen 2018, 19, 20, 21, 22… to be there of course! Everyone should join!” - Sir Garbagetruck / Accession
  • Moqui“Good food, nice people, a cozy party place and a beach. Solskogen has it all! What more do you need?” - Moqui / Titan

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Common Questions

What compos are you hosting?

Short answer: all the ones you would expect. :) Long answer: see our list of competitions and compo rules here!

Can I arrive on Thursday before the party begins?

Yes, you can! See our Practical Things page if you plan to arrive on Thursday because there are a few things you need to know.

What about accommodation?

Most of our visitors sleep in tents in the forest or near the venue, or inside in our sleeping quarters downstairs. There are also hotels in Lillestrøm (20 minutes away) as well as multiple Airbnb options nearby.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

We don’t offer refunds on tickets. If you have ordered a t-shirt and are unable to attend Solskogen, we’ll do our very best to have the t-shirt reach you by sending it with other participants that are going your way. We can also ship them in the mail but at a minor extra cost.

What payment types do you accept?

Our ticketing solution Picatic accepts all major credit cards. You can also pay with credit cards and cash (Euro or NOK) if you get your ticket when you arrive at the venue.